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Warrendale, PA, October, 2016

The SAE-Industry Technologies Consortia (SAE-ITC) announces the publication of the AS13001: Supplier Self-Release Training Requirements standard, developed by the Aero Engine Supplier Quality (AESQ) Strategy Group, along with the accompanying Common Training for Supplier Self-Release Delegates course.

The AESQ Strategy Group was created to develop, specify, maintain and promote quality standards specific to the Aero Engine supply chain. One of the primary objectives of this group is to reduce customer (OEM) specific requirements through a focused set of standards that integrate industry best practice and aero engine unique elements.

In the aerospace industry, the Delegated Product Release Verification (DPRV) process establishes a uniform set of requirements by which a supplier may be granted authority to ship product in order to remove or minimize source and/or receiving inspection by the delegating organization, or their third party representatives. Commonly referred to as DSQR, SARA, SRP, and DQCR, among others. Each of these delegating organizations has historically managed unique training for the individuals responsible for the release of their product. Suppliers producing products for multiple delegating organizations would have to manage the burden of multiple training requirements.

Recognizing a strong commonality among their various training programs, the OEM and Supplier organizations have worked under the AESQ Committee to consolidate the training into a single, common standard. This has been developed to improve quality and reduce costs through the removal of duplication between each delegating organization's individual training requirements.

The Common Training for Supplier Self-Release Delegates is a three-day foundations course that provides Supplier Self-Release Delegates with a comprehensive and standardized set of requirements for carrying-out the DPRV process. This course is designed to cover the key elements of the process and includes detailed explanation of the over-inspection activities along with validation through the completion of a learning assessment.

When the AS13001 standard is imposed from any delegating organization as a requirement, this foundations course is recognized as satisfying the respective customer training element. In addition to this training, delegating organizations may also require additional validation of the individual or supplier to take place prior to the DPRV authorization being granted.

The Common Training for Supplier Self-Release Delegates course is available through SAE International and will be offered in multiple locations. There is a registration fee associated with this training.

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